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Now you can explore the possibility by viewing through the eyes of our artist alley artists combining their creativity together to show how various characters can join together on the same page! Nothing is off-limits in this rowdy pro-wrestling discussion!

Follow wrestlingaudio for even more wrestling action. Come listen to some Philadelphia based game artists share their experience and give advice on how they create art for video games.

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They will be chatting with you about their how they make game art, from the early concept phase to creating the art that make their way to your screen. Every step closer to the truth makes him question if he will ever get out of Wayward Pines alive. Chad Hodge wrote and M.

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Night Shyamalan directed the premiere episode. From wardrobe malfunctions to crazy fans, to how to construct your own costumes and even how to go to the bathroom you know, in costume , this cosplay squad will give you the inside skinny on the ultimate in spandex fandom. Creatively drained and ready for a fresh start he embarked on a journey to form his own studio.

Comic Con speed dating

For the most discerning comics fans, the most eagerly anticipated stars to appear were the comic book writers and artist who bring their favorite heroes to life, like Mark Morales of Marvel Comics fame, author and artist Mike Capprotti and the legendary Jim Steranko, whose groundbreaking work as an artist, innovator and historian spans more than 50 years. In addition to the presence of comic book and sci-fi royalty, vendors were on hand selling comic books, original art, figurines, jewelry, replica weaponry and costumes inspired by comics. There was also a food court with tables where Deadpool could unwind while sipping on a soda next to a Klingon munching on a hot dog.

The Comic Con faithful were also invited to panels, some of which concentrated on specific shows or guests and others with topics as varied as professional makeup for professional cosplay and geek speed dating. I was kind of curious as to what the response would be. This is his first convention at the Expo Center in Oaks.

Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia Day 1 - CONtv

John, and Catherine Sutherland. During their panel, the Power Rangers actors talked about how fans impact them with their stories of inspiration, discussed favorite episodes and storylines, Jones and St. John talked about their late cast member Thuy Trang, and shared thoughts on the new movie. They even joked about which of their characters they ship. Burisse pointed out the chemistry between Tanya and Adam, Ashley suggested Aisha and Zack — which prompted Jones to kiss her on the check, much to fan amusement, and Sutherland joked about Cat and Zordon.

He pointed out that fans tell him they watched his show as kids with their parents and now they watch the new show with their kids. Before the panel with Tudyk and Staite, Tudyk had the audience cracking up with his voice acting range by announcing who was coming up for the panel.