Weekly heroic strike matchmaking

No Raid Matchmaking for Destiny 1
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  2. How to work around the Warmind Heroic Strikes bug in Destiny 2
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There are ways to do it that would make everyone happy. And while we're at it, stop teasing us with exotic bounties and then forcing people to play crucible to get them. I'm good at that.

Heroic Strike Matchmaking/ Good or Bad???

I hate crucible; I'm not good at crucible and any exotic bounty requiring me to play crucible, gets thrown in my Vault. BTW - Love the game! Cant agree more - i stopped playing Destiny until a MM comes out for Weekly and Nightfall - its just annoying if you dont have friends that play the game or have to search around in stupid forums everytime you want to play.

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You will have a much better time playing with people you know. You could have just went to the recruitment forum and found a party faster than writing this.. Also this is just a big -blam! You guys are some whiners are you not? I'm a lonely gamer I don't wanna make friends.

How to work around the Warmind Heroic Strikes bug in Destiny 2

God if your a and hang In the tower you will get an invite. Buy armor with vangaurd and crucible marks dismantle it for shards. It's an rpg it requires a lot of time and dedication. My biggest issue that could be fixed by treating like the rest of the strikes.

taitatiloudsge.cf | The Original Destiny LFG Site

Weekly heroic and nightfall You people are complaining about nothing. The weekly is the beginning of end content you guys are complaining about one of the few good things in this game. The weekly and raid do not need match making its made to be hard it all givea you end game gear.

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Go on the fourms and find people thata what this game intended. Bungie did a great job with there community system. If you put matchmaking in for weekly and raid you wouldnt have any reason to play the game. Restrict it to level 24, or even 25 and above if you have to.

Why not have matchmaking? I understand with the raid, and I'll even live with nightfall although I disagree on both. Bungie says it is asking too much of randoms My strike matchmaking experience thus far has been superb. People quit the low level strikes because of the "beat a strike without dying" bounties, but vanguard strikes go smooth as hell. Out of 50 strikes, you might have a bad experience with your strike team a couple of times.

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