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  2. Why do I get bored after 2 months of dating a guy?
  3. “I get bored dating one man for long” – Ghanaian Lady, says - INFORMATION NIGERIA
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I agree, and I'd add openness to that. I don't have a problem with a girl who "only" watches Netflix and hangs out with friends as long as she's happy to talk about other stuff and happy to talk about things she likes even in Netflix etc! It's so easy to segue to deep or interesting discussions just hearing what people think about whatever situations or dilemmas that come up in a show I started doing it out of irony I get to indulge in a little bit of drama that I don't have to physically be involved in.

I think it's awful, but I got sucked in and now I can't stop watching. This is great advice. Its all about sharing and opening up to show people what your insight and experiences are like. The actual content isn't that important, your perspective and experience is everything. On a date, if you can focus on leading conversations by example in this way, the other person will naturally start to open up in a very similar pattern.

If she said something you don't care about, like latch hooking or child care, or Pintrest projects, would you be any more interested? A thousand times this. Be passionate about something. I don't care what it is. It makes you more interesting! Bubba was very passionate about shrimp.

I don't know that I'd find a conversation with him very interesting. I mean, the aim is generally to continue spending time with this person.

Latch hooking, if that's their thing, is going to be part of their lives. That's going to form a fairly consistent topic of conversation. I can't have a conversation, about latch hooking, or even remember that you like latch hooking, if you don't tell me about latch hooking. I think this is very true.

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If I say that one of my hobbies is practicing hair styles and makeup, that's going to immediately brand me as a high-maintenance piece of work. It's not an objectively worse hobby than, say, painting. Might even be better - since how I present myself matters every day whereas the quality of my painting doesn't come up much. I agree so much with this! Stupid women and their Netflix. They need a better hobby to do during the times I'm playing video games! I don't think that is OP's position at all. I think he just wants to date women that are passionate about something, anything.

I don't think OP thinks that, but I do think there are a lot of guys out there who would consider gaming a hobby, and then judge women for watching Netflix the same number of hours in the week that they spend playing. I watch a lot of TV, but mostly stick to high quality programming you can have an intelligent discussion about. If I can analyze and critique it, I think it could almost qualify as a hobby. Just playing devil's advocate, because I would be pretty turned off if a guy only wanted to talk about TV shows, but it's cool if he's genuinely passionate about a few of them!

Why do I get bored after 2 months of dating a guy?

So basically as long as he's only passionate about shows I have arbitrarily deemed worthy. My main problem is that I can get super passionate about politics, and that's not a great first date topic. If Netflix is legitimately your hobby and you want to spend our after-hobby time critiquing cinematography, scoring, devious use of mechanics on your reality game show, whatever, that's actually pretty cool because I can't say I have developed a whole lot of appreciation for those things. If Netflix is how you kill time because you have nothing better to do and you don't really have any passion to talk about it, then it's just as boring as dudes who just want to play Call of Duty as a way to take up time waiting to go drinking with their buddies, rather than sharing with their partner their thoughts and feelings on plot, voice acting, tactics, tropes, and all the other stuff people in relationships nod their head to and pretend to understand but are proud that their partner is passionate about even if they don't get it.

There's nothing wrong with making candle holders out of mason jars and turning old mom jeans from Goodwill into high-waisted shorts. Just because these things don't interest you doesn't mean they're any less of a hobby than fumbling through a couple Metallica songs on your Squier Strat or making a binary clock out of your Raspberry Pi. And don't even get me started on guys who look down on girls who sit around watching Netflix, and yet spend several hours every day playing Dota 2.

I haven't seen much about hobbies on this sub so I apologize if it's been posted about before. But, I don't care what the hobbies are, as long as she has goals she is working to achieve and hobbies, things she is passionate about. I don't think it is too much to ask but that's why I made this thread, to see if I'm just being a dick or if people have experienced this a lot. I consider cooking new dishes especially from foreign cultures at home a hobby, but I'm not actively working toward a goal with it.

Like I suppose I expect to get better over time?

“I get bored dating one man for long” – Ghanaian Lady, says - INFORMATION NIGERIA

But I'm not like "must achieve this level of cuisine by this date. I just do it because it's fun. Oh, I watch that too! What season are you on?

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The next one is amazing, you just wait. What was your favourite episode? I love the [plot theme, cinematography style, etc]".

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I've noticed this a lot with people my age , it's a badge of honour to not watch TV or to have cable, people brag about it as if they are so enlightened. I think they look down on TV as an easy and mindless way to occupy your attention, but human beings NEED downtime and it's not nice to judge how people regroup themselves.

Some people read, some masturbate, some watch TV. I am too poor to have cable or Netflix so I'm not defending myself, it's just stupid how people look down on TV watchers. Excessive TV watchers are a cause for concern, but so are excessive masturbaters, excessive sleepers, excessive poopers coughsomeoneinthisthreadcough. There's nothing wrong with watching TV but if your main hobby is watching then there is a problem yes I've been on dates where they don't have any hobbies other than watching netflix. Nothing to do with them finding joy in something I don't, but I can't imagine myself being compatible with someone who A has only one consistent hobby and B that hobby is an entirely passive experience of sitting and watching something.

At least for me, I'd rather be with someone that has a bit more well-rounded activities for leisure. I guarantee there is a single man and a single woman out there that does nothing but watch TV and they are meant for each other. Yes, this was my old roommate and his current GF. Their relationship hit a really rocky spot when they ran out of shows they wanted to watch on Netflix. It's something you do in your spare time that you enjoy, and that you can talk passionately about.

You don't have to be on a professional athlete level or anything, just able to talk passionately about it, look forward to it, enjoy it, that kind of deal. A hobby has to be something you can get good at, Netflix and going out aren't hobbies they're pastimes. That's the difference here, it's not that they have shitty hobbies it's that they don't have hobbies.

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Sorry if I offended anybody whose "hobbies" include Netflix and drinking. My point is that those don't fit under the category of "hobby" for me and probably quite a lot of people.

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Have you ever tried to go on a date with someone who does nothing with their day but wake up and go to work? It doesn't matter if it is a subject I have no interest for or have never even heard of before. If someone can talk about and show a real passion for their interests and hobbies, it shows that they have a sense of adventure and a mindset where they want to excel in what they love.

Yeah, people are boring.

Most likely you are boring as well.